Animated Movie Creation/ GameDevelopment Contest: Animation is an intuitive art form- just like a canvas painting. It is a mix of imagination, creativity, meaning, colors and a story. In fact, it is the only medium that has a dimension of storytelling in it.
Animation is the only medium that can bring fantasies to life. As for as its importance, animation has evolved through the years and have touched every single domain. Teachers have been heavily implementing animation in their teaching strategy to help their students understand the concepts that cannot be imagined or perceived. Short Animation videos are sweet and sometimes they offer educational messages to the crowd.

Just like as Animated movies, Games also help people to socialize and learn. And it is of course very fun to play and enjoy. Some games also offer many social learnings to the gamers which in turn helps to build a better society.

So, to achieve some social awareness, anAnimated Movie Creation/ Game Development Contest has been organizedin Technocracy 2019. Participants are to createanimated videos or mobile games which will address any our social, economic or technical challenges and provide a feasible solution to them. This contest will develop the students’ sense of creativity.


Prize Money:

Champion 1stRunner Up
25,000 /= 15,000 /=

Registration closed!