Project Showcase(Master Builder): Project showcasing is an excellent platform where the enthusiastic talents meet with creativity and diversity. Our daily life has become technology based, nowadays. Manual work is being replaced by automatic system. So, it is necessary to increase our knowledge about technology to control and modify this automatic system.
Most of the time students only gather knowledge without implementation of their ideas which has a bad impact on their capability of creation. With thequarry to utilize the potentials of engineering students in this sector, A Project Showcase (Master Builder)competitionhas been organized which will give students opportunity to implement their ideas.
The Project Showcase allows undergraduate students, as individuals or teams, to demonstrate what they have learned or worked on throughout their undergraduate career. In this competition they will use their knowledge to provide solution to make daily life easier.
From this aspect, the projects should have a motto which can be in following fields.
⦁ Fire Safety
⦁ Poverty and Famine
⦁ Disaster Management and first aid
⦁ Special Needs
⦁ Women Safety
⦁ Healthcare
⦁ Illiteracy
⦁ Energy Harnessing
⦁ Conventional & Renewable Energy
⦁ Smart city systems (specially for rural area)
⦁ Communication system
⦁ Bio-medical applications
⦁ Nuclear protection
⦁ Automation
⦁ Agriculture based
⦁ Robotics
⦁ Artificial intelligence
⦁ Thermal and Refrigeration
⦁ Green Technology
⦁ Heat Transfer
⦁ Mechatronic system
⦁ Network Security
⦁ Miscellaneous applications
⦁ Android Software based projects
⦁ Industrial evolution
⦁ Sustainable urban planning
⦁ Modern artificial design
⦁ Waste management
⦁ Health & Women

N.B: Above fields are encouraged but not limited.


Registration Fee:

Fee Bkash Total
3,000 /= 45 /= 3,045 /=

For adding each member Registration fee will increase 1,000 + 15 = 1,015 BDT.

Prize Money:

Champion 1stRunner Up 2ndRunner Up
35,000 /= 20,000 /= 10,000 /=

bKash: 01305686008

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